Reiki Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Reiki liability insurance is not the only thing offered by MMIP. In addition to the following benefits, our clients have access to a friendly, knowledgeable customer support system. MMIP clients are covered as soon as the application is processed.

Coverage Description
Coverage Limits
Professional Liability Insurance

Covers claims made for injuries due to misconduct or lack of ordinary skill.

$2 million per occurrence / $3 million annual aggregate
General Liability Insurance
(Trip and Fall)

Covers claims for injuries that occur at your place of work, including trip and fall.

$2 million per occurrence / $3 million annual aggregate
Product Liability Insurance

Covers claims made against you for damage or injury resulting from a product you use on clients.

$2 million per occurrence / $2 million annual aggregate
Rental Damage Insurance

Covers damage to the space you work in.

Stolen Equipment Insurance

Covers cost of replacing stolen equipment used in your practice.

$1,000/$250 Deductible
Identity Protection Plan

Provides important protection and assistance for any type of identity theft.

FREE Monthly Newsletter

Receive timely and relevant information about the massage industry on a monthly basis.

FREE Professional Website

Receive a FREE website to promote your business and manage your practice. Learn more here.

FREE Directory Listing

List your company or your name in the MMIP directory on the MASSAGE Magazine web site.

Environmental Responsibility We have a responsibility to both our members and the planet we all share. Along with our friends at Massage Magazine and Trees for the Future, we plant a tree in the name of each new Reiki liability insurance client and have developed a unique paperless system to do our part in ensuring the future is bright for Reiki therapists and their businesses.