Reiki Practitioners and Teachers List

This page gives access to the contact information and qualifications for all our ICRT Reiki Membership Association practitioners/teachers. All are Reiki masters and have agreed to abide by our code of ethics and standards of practice. In addition, each level of membership requires additional qualifications which are indicated by the letters A, P, and LRMT displayed in each member listing and described in the right sidebar. Please contact them for Reiki sessions and classes.

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Type Name City State Zip
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTCarolyn Musial
Send Email
BuffaloNY14211member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in NY, ON, PA
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTWilliam Rand
Send Email
SouthfieldMI48033member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in BC, CA, HI, IL, IN, MI, NY, OH, ON, OR, QC, WA, WI
PAbdul HakimEriePA16502Send Email
Teaches classes in PA, ON. Member since 10/5/2014
PLisa MachalaSouthfieldMI48034Send Email
Teaches classes in MI, OH, ON. Member since 4/10/2013
PRoderick Concepcion,BSc.(OT),MFHT,CMLDTTwentynine PalmsCA92277Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only in CA, ON, QC. Member since 3/8/2017
PRubina HajiNorth York ONCanadaSend Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 11/11/2016
PMichelle LewisMindenONK0M 2K0Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 5/6/2016
PMarci BurgessOttawaONK1K 3Y3Send Email
Teaches classes in ON, NY. Member since 5/31/2012
PHernan LopezOttawaONK1L 7R3Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only in ON. Member since 4/11/2017
PGermaine De PeraltaOttawaONK1Z 1E7Send Email
Teaches classes in ON, QC. Member since 7/7/2017
PBenjamin David FreidlinKanataONK2T 1C1Send Email
Teaches classes in ON, MI, NY. Member since 7/16/2018
PEvelyn KingPeterboroughONK9K 1Z6Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 8/9/2016
PIsabelle RauePickeringONL1V 1N2Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 5/15/2015
PKimeiko DoverMarkhamONL3T4E2Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 5/4/2016
PSharon OlesenCaledonONL7C 2B5Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 4/29/2011
PKathryn ReidCheltenhamONL7C 2M7Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 3/14/2011
PKathryn A ElliottBurlingtonONL7L 5L9Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 6/6/2014
PGenevieve TaegerInnisfilONL9S 4W1Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 9/27/2011
PThom GraceMonoONL9V 1B4Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 9/10/2012
PLouise BowersLambton ShoresONN0N 1J3Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 4/3/2015
PMarie KnappOwen SoundONN4K 6V5Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 1/5/2012
PWanda DavisLondonONN6K1S7Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 10/3/2011
PMarsha NicholsWindsorONN8S 1M9Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 7/20/2016
PKim M WatsonWindsorONN8W 2M8Send Email
Teaches classes in ON. Member since 5/27/2013
ACibeli EganLane CoveNS2066Send Email
Member since 11/15/2016
ASylvia M C McGeeCarpONK0A1L0Send Email
Member since 3/16/2016
APierrette ScarrInglesideONK0C 1M0Send Email
Member since 9/19/2017
ADavid W ScarrInglesideONK0C 1M0Send Email
Member since 9/25/2017
ARuth A BondMountainONK0E 1S0Send Email
Member since 10/27/2011
AJoanne Saurang McEwenLanarkONK0G 1K0Send Email
Member since 4/3/2011
ASusan RouseBaltimoreONK0K 1C0Send Email
Member since 6/9/2015
ASherry DracupStirlingONK0K 3E0Send Email
Member since 8/13/2014
AHeather L. Inwood-MontroseBancroftONK0L1C0Send Email
Member since 4/28/2014
AValerie St-DenisOttawaONK1G 1A4Send Email
Member since 3/28/2012
AJill SullivanOttawaONK1J 1G9Send Email
Member since 10/7/2016
ARoxane SoogreeOttawaONK1K1P8Send Email
Member since 11/4/2017
AAndrea WoodOttawaONK1R6T6Send Email
Member since 8/23/2018
ASue LeShienOttawaONK2G 5E2Send Email
Member since 2/9/2012
AAnie BergeronRocklandONK4K 1C6Send Email
Member since 2/14/2013
ACarole HynesRocklandONK4K 1G5Send Email
Member since 6/23/2012
AJeanne LamarcheCornwallONK6H 1E2Send Email
Member since 2/4/2011
ARichard PageSmiths FallsONK7A 4B3Send Email
Member since 9/2/2016
ALori StresmanPerthONK7H 3C9Send Email
Member since 11/4/2012
ALaurie BelisleKingstonONK7M 4H2Send Email
Member since 8/3/2015
AAngela T MuskatPembrokeONK8A0J9Send Email
Member since 6/22/2013
AChuck LaneTrentonONK8V 3J7Send Email
Member since 2/15/2011
ADaniele HartMount AlbertONL0G 1M0Send Email
Member since 7/18/2011
AFotini Chandrika WaltonTottenhamONL0G1W0Send Email
Member since 10/9/2017
AAntonia CoccimiglioBinbrook ONL0R 1C0Send Email
Member since 3/19/2018
AHarold KerbyBeamsvilleONL0R1B8Send Email
Member since 2/25/2018
ATracy WoodcockOshawaONL1L 0A4Send Email
Member since 8/2/2018
AMary NewmanAjaxONL1S 3B5Send Email
Member since 4/14/2014
AClaire SpeedAjaxONL1T 3T5Send Email
Member since 10/19/2011
AShalini BhalooPickeringONL1W 2V5Send Email
Member since 3/23/2017
ASonia MelnykSt CatharinesONL2R3W7Send Email
Member since 10/3/2018
AAlexandra McLeish DeutersThornhillONL3T4M6Send Email
Member since 1/3/2017
AAnita KeyesNewmarketONL3Y 6B7Send Email
Member since 2/7/2011
ABonnie Pomeroy ArènesBarrieONL4N0J3Send Email
Member since 1/6/2016
ATrudy ParolinMississaugaONL4X 1R3Send Email
Member since 6/27/2014
AJoanne ShawMississaugaONL5N 1Z4Send Email
Member since 2/13/2013
ASati BhamraMississaugaONL5N 6B2Send Email
Member since 8/17/2011
AIngrid HumphreysBramptonONL6T 1N8Send Email
Member since 7/23/2012
ASue DelPlavignanoKing CityONL7B 1C4Send Email
Member since 4/9/2014
AAnna Pileci CartlidgeCaledonONL7C 1A4Send Email
Member since 7/5/2013
ABonnie MasinaCaledonONL7C 1H7Send Email
Member since 8/5/2016
AMarianne CallaghanAllistonONL9R 1W8Send Email
Member since 6/30/2011
ADarcel de SylvaMILTONONL9T 9G2Send Email
Member since 1/5/2017
ACourtney RhodesMiltonONL9T0B6Send Email
Member since 9/13/2018
AJulie BaumlisbergerAmaranthONL9W 0H1Send Email
Member since 9/3/2013
AYvette MoreelOrangevilleONL9W4R9Send Email
Member since 6/4/2015
AMaria HuiTorontoONM5M 1A9Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 6/28/2012
ALianne GrahamTorontoONM8X 1A7Send Email
Member since 5/9/2011
AAnn Connor-LewisEtobicokeONM9B4Y2Send Email
Member since 1/8/2014
ALisa EllisLowbanksONN0A 1k0Send Email
Member since 3/19/2013
AMonica MeierGowanstownONN0G 1Y0Send Email
Member since 4/25/2017
AMary-Lou LaneSouthamptonONN0H 2L0Send Email
Member since 3/13/2013
AAlunda ChambersDunnvilleONN1A 2W6Send Email
Member since 5/14/2018
AHeather Gigante Cambridge ONN1R 5C8Send Email
Member since 2/20/2018
AConnie MonahanKITCHENERONN2A3W1Send Email
Member since 3/7/2018
ABrenda Schrader-SandersKitchenerONN2G1K5Send Email
Member since 1/27/2014
APamela MaguiresmithKitchenerONN2H1G5Send Email
Member since 3/10/2014
AKerstin KramerKitchenerONN2K 1G1Send Email
Member since 3/4/2015
ADee HughesKitchenerONN2N 3H8Send Email
Member since 3/2/2011
AMary-Anne HauptCambridgeONN3C 3Y2Send Email
Member since 11/5/2013
ASuzanne BertolasCambridgeONN3H 5J9Send Email
Member since 12/8/2015
AFlechette McConkeyBrantfordONN3R 4B8Send Email
Member since 9/4/2012
ARosemary LeeBrantfordONN3R 7Z4Send Email
Member since 3/2/2011
AJacklyn LeblancStratfordONN4Z 1B4Send Email
Member since 3/24/2016
ADonnaLynn SworikLondon ONN5V 2L9Send Email
Member since 3/15/2013
AKari LogieLondonONN6C2S8Send Email
Member since 7/5/2018
AMaeve Armstrong-HarrisLondonONN6G 4N5Send Email
Member since 7/5/2013
AKatarzyna SobotaLondonONN6M 1J4Send Email
Member since 12/20/2017
AErin ThomasSarniaONN7V 3Z5Send Email
Member since 5/4/2015
ARosemary FissTecumsehONN9K 1C3Send Email
Member since 5/26/2013
ALynn RogersonPort SydneyONP0B-1L0Send Email
Member since 4/8/2016
AAimee ClarkNorth BayONP1A 3E4Send Email
Member since 4/24/2012
ACynthia WidawskiSudburyONP3A 5M9Send Email
Member since 3/8/2011
ALinda ArseneauSudburyONP3B 1L9Send Email
Member since 5/12/2016
APaula Susanne LalandeSudburyONP3B 3J4Send Email
Member since 3/26/2018
ASylvie GirouxSudburyONP3E 4N1Send Email
Member since 2/23/2015
ABonnie MulvihillHanmerONP3P 1C5Send Email
Member since 10/15/2012
AKathy (Kate) KroekerDrydenONP8N 2Y4Send Email
Member since 5/9/2012
AKathryn KusyszynVictoriaBCV8V1P3Send Email
Member since 5/10/2017

Member Qualifications

LRMT – Licensed Reiki Master Teacher: Has completed the 3 year ICRT training program. Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Provides special ICRT student certificates. A list of LRMTs and their classes.

P – Professional Member: Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Has taken Reiki I&II and ART/Master training from one of our Professional Licensed Teachers (LRMTs). Provides student certificates issued by the ICRT Reiki Member Association.

A – Affiliate Member: Provides ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.