Reiki Practitioners and Teachers List

This page gives access to the contact information and qualifications for all our ICRT Reiki Membership Association practitioners/teachers. All are Reiki masters and have agreed to abide by our code of ethics and standards of practice. In addition, each level of membership requires additional qualifications which are indicated by the letters A, P, and LRMT displayed in each member listing and described in the right sidebar. Please contact them for Reiki sessions and classes.

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Type Name City State Zip
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTJennifer Dale
Send Email
SwannanoaNC28778member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in FL, GA, NC, OH
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTWilliam Rand
Send Email
SouthfieldMI48033member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in BC, CA, HI, IL, IN, MI, NY, OH, ON, OR, QC, WA, WI
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTJulie Russell
Send Email
Ladera RanchCA92694member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in CA, OH
PSusan E CowinWatervlietNY12189Send Email
Teaches classes in NY, OH. Member since 2/2/2015
PUrsula LesicAllison ParkPA15101Send Email
Teaches classes in PA, OH, WV. Member since 5/24/2016
PJennifer L ClaytonWinchester KY40391Send Email
Teaches classes in KY, OH. Member since 10/25/2017
PCandy Rose LucasDublinOH43017Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 5/29/2014
PPolly MorganMarysvilleOH43040Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 2/8/2011
PKathleen GormanColumbusOH43221Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 10/31/2017
PCindy StolkPerrysburgOH43551Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 7/21/2011
PLinda SavichSylvaniaOH43560Send Email
Teaches classes in OH, MI. Member since 7/29/2014
PNancy HerrickChagrin FallsOH44022Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 9/7/2011
PSusan WilkCuyahoga FallsOH44221Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 2/18/2011
PMi'chelle HuffmanSalemOH44460Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 2/6/2012
PCynthia CarlinSebringOH44672Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 9/12/2011
PSusan GeissCincinnatiOH45245Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 3/11/2016
PSharon Panfile Kettering OH45419Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 2/21/2011
PLisa JonesGraysvilleOH45734Send Email
Teaches classes in OH. Member since 11/26/2017
PRobert Voges GuilfordIN47022Send Email
Teaches classes in IN, KY, OH. Member since 12/1/2011
PLisa MachalaSouthfieldMI48034Send Email
Teaches classes in MI, OH, ON. Member since 4/10/2013
PMichael SavageDeckerMI48426Send Email
Teaches classes in MI, IN, OH. Member since 9/24/2014
PMaryann DavisAddisonMI49220Send Email
Teaches classes in MI, OH. Member since 4/21/2011
PJill SliwaHanaHI96713Send Email
Teaches classes in HI, FL, OH. Member since 2/21/2011
PFiona YunPortlandOR97203Send Email
Teaches classes in OR, OH. Member since 5/7/2015
ADianna (Dee) ODellButlerPA16001Send Email
Member since 3/21/2018
AHeather Schaller SharonPA16146Send Email
Member since 4/19/2017
AJohn WalkerSavannahGA31419Send Email
Member since 4/13/2017
ATerry McCoyGreenupKY41144Send Email
Member since 1/30/2018
ATherese RiveraSeven HillsOH4131Send Email
Member since 3/6/2018
ALisa V EarlyDelaware OH43015Send Email
Member since 5/2/2017
AKaren RughMechanicsburgOH43044Send Email
Member since 1/22/2018
AKelly TrautnerWestervilleOH43082Send Email
Member since 8/22/2016
AFabienne GrenetColumbusOH43202Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 10/19/2015
ABetsy Buchal-CondonColumbusOH43214Send Email
Member since 2/24/2012
ACrystal HookMount GileadOH43338Send Email
Member since 6/4/2015
ALori PerkinsBowling GreenOH43402Send Email
Member since 7/6/2016
APatricia Zilles FremontOH43420Send Email
Member since 11/16/2011
ALinda GreenPort ClintonOH43452Send Email
Member since 3/21/2015
AGail SchriverPort ClintonOH43452Send Email
Member since 10/7/2015
AJennifer MenonHollandOH43528Send Email
Member since 5/14/2015
AJacqueline LanhamToledoOH43617Send Email
Member since 11/30/2016
ALori VynalekMcConnelsvilleOH43756Send Email
Member since 1/9/2018
ARoseann LipniskisSt ClairsvilleOH43950Send Email
Member since 1/13/2014
ATeresa BlackburnWintersvilleOH43953Send Email
Member since 5/1/2013
Member since 7/6/2016
ABarbara A EmchBurtonOH44021Send Email
Member since 10/25/2017
AAnn HylandChagrin FallsOH44022Send Email
Member since 4/15/2015
ARoman VaynshtokChesterlandOH44026Send Email
Member since 5/22/2017
AIngrid GallagherElyriaOH44035Send Email
Member since 3/27/2014
AMary KatzMentorOH44060Send Email
Member since 5/5/2015
AMarguerite MarrelliMentorOH44060Send Email
Member since 4/25/2016
AMelinda WivellMentorOH44060Send Email
Member since 12/3/2016
ALynn ImondiMentorOH44060Send Email
Member since 1/12/2018
AJody OndrusSagamore HillsOH44067Send Email
Member since 2/24/2011
AKristina PaxtonOrwellOH44076Send Email
Member since 3/30/2017
ATina DiCilloWilloughbyOH44094Send Email
Member since 9/15/2011
ADonna RalstonWilloughbyOH44094Send Email
Member since 4/16/2012
AAmy AlexyKirtland OH44094Send Email
Member since 10/22/2014
AAnnette RestifoWillowickOH44095Send Email
Member since 2/2/2015
AJessica SternClevelandOH44109Send Email
Member since 10/12/2016
ANikki AckermanRocky RiverOH44116Send Email
Member since 5/1/2012
ADonna M. FerrisCleveland HeightsOH44118Send Email
Member since 2/2/2012
ARaven CarterCleveland HeightsOH44118Send Email
Member since 1/7/2017
AKenneth KovachShaker HeightsOH44120Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 1/3/2017
AKris WeirBeachwoodOH44122Send Email
Member since 3/15/2012
ASusan E. LichtermanShaker HeightsOH44122Send Email
Member since 3/6/2017
AJanice Rosenfeld McGroganLyndhurstOH44124Send Email
Member since 4/28/2015
ASusan GreenePepper PikeOH44124Send Email
Member since 3/10/2016
AAnnette HollimonClevelandOH44128Send Email
Member since 7/31/2014
ATamiko Ruby JenkinsParmaOH44130Send Email
Member since 5/4/2015
AIrene ScanlonParmaOH44130Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 10/9/2017
ADebbie JonesIndependenceOH44131Send Email
Member since 9/8/2014
ADavid LockardEuclidOH44132Send Email
Member since 1/29/2018
ADonna Baley-PresuttiOLMSTED TWPOH44138-3007Send Email
Member since 2/28/2011
AJan KochSolonOH44139Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 1/25/2016
ASusan OswickBrecksville OH44141Send Email
Member since 9/14/2017
AAnn WintersClevelandOH44143Send Email
Member since 2/7/2011
AMary IannoneHighland HeightsOH44143Send Email
Member since 10/2/2017
ADonald IannoneHighland HeightsOH44143Send Email
Member since 10/2/2017
ADorothy RiemanBroadview HeightsOH44147Send Email
Member since 1/28/2014
ADenise Paul-LopezAuroraOH44202Send Email
Member since 11/20/2017
AJames NoonanCuyahoga FallsOH44221Send Email
Member since 10/4/2016
AKaty KercenneckCuyahoga FallsOH44223Send Email
Member since 1/2/2018
AJennifer WykoffGarrettsvilleOH44231Send Email
Member since 1/3/2017
ATara PriorHudsonOH44236Send Email
Member since 2/2/2015
AVictoria OsborneKentOH44240Send Email
Member since 11/10/2015
AChristine M GilleyStreetsboroOH44241Send Email
Member since 9/28/2016
ALaura RichardMedinaOH44256Send Email
Member since 4/13/2015
ASusan RussellMedinaOH44256Send Email
Member since 8/20/2015
ASusan BonkMedinaOH44256Send Email
Member since 3/14/2018
AJamie AikenMogadoreOH44260Send Email
Member since 2/23/2018
ANorma BiceRavennaOH44266Send Email
Member since 10/8/2012
AThomas MarzialeAkronOH44301Send Email
Member since 10/17/2014
ARev Aimee GriffinAkronOH44301Send Email
Member since 5/11/2016
APenny PickrellAkronOH44312Send Email
Member since 2/18/2013
ATerrilyn LongAkronOH44312Send Email
Member since 11/16/2015
ABozena IoleAkronOH44312Send Email
Member since 4/20/2017
AMayra PorrataAkronOH44313Send Email
Member since 11/7/2017
AMary HrovaticWashingtonvilleOH44490Send Email
Member since 3/25/2017
ASheila GardAllianceOH44601Send Email
Member since 3/30/2016
ASusan PoirierSebringOH44672Send Email
Member since 7/6/2015
ATia FryWoosterOH44691Send Email
Member since 10/29/2017
ACheryl LepkowskiCantonOH44720Send Email
Member since 4/29/2016
ALana WedgeKansasOH44841Send Email
Member since 2/17/2015
AKimberly IwanskiNew LondonOH44851Send Email
Member since 10/1/2012
ASandy LamoreauxNovaOH44859Send Email
Member since 8/15/2017
AAngela KuzmaTiffinOH44883Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 8/24/2016
ADiane LeicyMansfieldOH44904Send Email
Member since 12/31/2012
AMolly EicheOxfordOH45056Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 12/27/2015
AAmanda SandersBataviaOH45103Send Email
Member since 10/23/2017
AEileen BurnsLake WaynokaOH45171Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 9/21/2015
AJan HermansCincinnatiOH45230Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 5/5/2014
AEmily GearCincinnatiOh45247Send Email
Member since 3/27/2017
AJane MullinsBrookvilleOH45309Send Email
Member since 10/7/2015
ASandra LutzTroyOH45373Send Email
Member since 7/2/2015
ACheri DinsmoreTroyOH45373Send Email
Member since 8/29/2017
AKathleen DurigVandaliaOH45377Send Email
Member since 2/22/2011
ACarol CassidyXeniaOH45385Send Email
Member since 1/25/2011
AAudrey LingXeniaOH45385Send Email
Member since 3/27/2017
ABee Eng LauDaytonOH45414Send Email
Member since 11/10/2016
AYi bin HongDayton OH45414 Send Email
Member since 4/12/2017
AAmy SchenckOakwoodOH45419Send Email
Member since 3/8/2016
AAnita ZindorfKetteringOH45420Send Email
Member since 1/20/2017
AMary CheersDaytonOH45434Send Email
Member since 2/6/2011
AAmy SchearCentervilleOH45458Send Email
Member since 7/6/2015
ANorma M SwansonDaytonOH45459Send Email
Member since 4/22/2014
AJulia WoodCentervilleOH45459Send Email
Member since 1/27/2015
ASusannah Harrington WaldoCentervilleOH45459Send Email
Member since 9/17/2017
ATara CoumoundourosAdrianMI49221Send Email
Member since 6/7/2017
AChandra Sekhara BommarajuAnaheimCA92801Send Email
Member since 3/27/2017

Member Qualifications

LRMT – Licensed Reiki Master Teacher: Has completed the 3 year ICRT training program. Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Provides special ICRT student certificates. A list of LRMTs and their classes.

P – Professional Member: Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Has taken Reiki I&II and ART/Master training from one of our Professional Licensed Teachers (LRMTs). Provides student certificates issued by the ICRT Reiki Member Association.

A – Affiliate Member: Provides ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.