Reiki Membership Association FAQs

Q. Why do I have to use your manuals to be a member?

A. Our manuals are based on quality research into the history and practice of Reiki. This includes the use of verifiable facts from reputable sources and information from the five Reiki masters William has studied with along with his twenty + years experience as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. In addition, their use is further validated by the fact that they were the manual of choice for thousands of Reiki Masters prior to their use as a requirement for membership. The use of our manuals allows you to provide quality training to your students and is an important part of the professional standards students can expect from our members.

Q. Why do you give permission to teach Reiki I&II together? My teacher says they must be taught with at least 3 months between them.

A. There are many ways to teach Reiki and it is true that some teach Reiki I&II with a required time period between them and others teach them together. We allow teaching Reiki I&II both ways because his is how Hayashi Sensei one of the respected founders taught Reiki. When he was teaching at his school he taught them separately, but when he was traveling and teaching he taught Reiki I&II together in five days with about three hours of class time each day. See The Story of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, page 39 for more details on this topic including references. If you are a new teacher I suggest you teach them separately, but as you gain experience you can decide if you want to continue to teach them separately or if you’d like to teach them together. This is an individual decision.

Q. Your beginning Reiki manual includes both Reiki I&II. I want to teach a Reiki I class by itself. Do you have a manual for Reiki I only?

A. The Reiki I&II manual doesn’t include the symbols. Because of this you can use it to teach just Reiki I by using only those chapters that deal with Reiki I. When the student is ready for Reiki II, they will already have the manual making it easy for them to take the class. Many have used this manual to teach Reiki I&II separately for years. But of course it can be used to teach them together in one class as well.

Q. I have already taken my Reiki classes from other teachers I believe to be very good. Why must I retake the Reiki I&II and ART/Master classes from one of your Licensed Teachers in order to be a Professional Member?

A. We acknowledge and appreciate the fact that many Reiki masters have had quality Reiki training prior to becoming a member. The requirement to take these same classes from an ICRT Licensed Teacher in order to qualify as a Professional Member of the RMA doesn't mean that we do not consider you to be professional Reiki teacher if you haven't met this qualification. The title of Professional Member of the RMA has a special meaning and special requirements. The requirement to review these classes with one of our Licensed teachers is to insure that you know the ICRT method of teaching; this is important as you'll be using our manuals which include some techniques and exercises not taught by other lineages or schools of Reiki. It is also important so that you understanding our Reiki philosophy. In addition, experience has proven that taking the classes again from another teacher adds to the depth of ones understanding and improves one’s skill and ability as a teacher. This assures that our Professional Members are well trained and because of this it will uphold our reputation as an association of highly skilled Reiki practitioners and teachers.