Reiki Practitioners and Teachers List

This page gives access to the contact information and qualifications for all our ICRT Reiki Membership Association practitioners/teachers. All are Reiki masters and have agreed to abide by our code of ethics and standards of practice. In addition, each level of membership requires additional qualifications which are indicated by the letters A, P, and LRMT displayed in each member listing and described in the right sidebar. Please contact them for Reiki sessions and classes.

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Type Name City State Zip
PCheryl WeiderLanesboroMA01237Send Email
Teaches classes in MA, RI. Member since 9/6/2011
AKatie Malloy RamaciStoughtonMA02072Send Email
Member since 8/9/2017
AJessica KozakFall RiverMA02720Send Email
Member since 5/6/2016
AMelanie Sara BeseroskySouth DartmouthMA02748Send Email
Member since 8/22/2017
ANaglaa GaafarPawtucketRI02806Send Email
Member since 2/11/2014
AAnthony BrogiCharlestownRI02813Send Email
Member since 2/5/2013
AAndrew SweetCoventryRI02816Send Email
Member since 6/17/2013
AEllen BotelhoCoventryRI02816Send Email
Member since 11/22/2014
APaul DiSegnaEast GreenwichRI02818-1547Send Email
Member since 4/29/2013
AMarg TudinoHopeRI02831-1337Send Email
Member since 8/21/2017
AMaria T GilmanNewportRI02840Send Email
Member since 2/16/2011
AMaxine BornsteinNewport RI02840Send Email
Member since 2/5/2015
AShane LaurieNewportRI02840Send Email
Member since 11/10/2016
AGail CarpenterNewport RI02840Send Email
Member since 10/2/2017
ABonita GuerreroN Kingstown RI02852Send Email
Member since 1/30/2018
AChristine JohnstonLincolnRI02865Send Email
Member since 7/24/2013
AJudith MellorLincolnRI02865Send Email
Member since 7/11/2017
AMary JanuaryPortsmouthRI02871Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 11/2/2017
AStephen RosascoPortsmouthRI02871-1125Send Email
Member since 9/25/2017
AJennifer HaggertyRockvilleRI02873Send Email
Member since 9/8/2016
ACyndy FontaineSaunderstown RI02874Send Email
Member since 5/9/2016
ADonna PancieraSlocumRI02877Send Email
Member since 5/22/2017
AButch EssexWakefieldRI02879Send Email
Member since 3/25/2013
AApril SilvestroWakefieldRI02879Send Email
Member since 6/5/2015
ATheresa AmaralWakefield RI02879Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 9/28/2016
AKaren SmolanWakefieldRI02879Send Email
Member since 9/28/2016
APaula M CreamerNarragansettRI02882Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 4/24/2014
ARita WebbPeacedaleRI02883Send Email
Member since 6/9/2015
ANicole CasaleWarwickRI02888Send Email
Member since 9/8/2015
AHeather A PilkingtonNorth ProvidenceRI02904Send Email
Member since 10/27/2016
AChristopher ConnerProvidenceRI02907Send Email
Member since 3/28/2014
AKatherine KingProvidenceRI02907Send Email
Member since 6/4/2015
ALorna McCoyNorth ProvidenceRI02908Send Email
Member since 4/16/2012
ABeverly CourvilleNorth ProvidenceRI02911Send Email
Member since 6/6/2014
AMaryellen FowlerRiversideRI02915Send Email
Member since 10/12/2017
ADelia DazaSmithfield RI02917Send Email
Member since 8/31/2017
AStephanie Kaplan ClintonCT06413Send Email
Member since 7/5/2017
ADavid YoungJacksonvilleFL32210Send Email
Member since 5/2/2016

Member Qualifications

LRMT – Licensed Reiki Master Teacher: Has completed the 3 year ICRT training program. Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Provides special ICRT student certificates. A list of LRMTs and their classes.

P – Professional Member: Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Has taken Reiki I&II and ART/Master training from one of our Professional Licensed Teachers (LRMTs). Provides student certificates issued by the ICRT Reiki Member Association.

A – Affiliate Member: Provides ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.