Reiki Practitioners and Teachers List

This page gives access to the contact information and qualifications for all our ICRT Reiki Membership Association practitioners/teachers. All are Reiki masters and have agreed to abide by our code of ethics and standards of practice. In addition, each level of membership requires additional qualifications which are indicated by the letters A, P, and LRMT displayed in each member listing and described in the right sidebar. Please contact them for Reiki sessions and classes.

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Type Name City State Zip
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTLaurelle Shanti Gaia & Michael Arthur Baird
Send Email
SedonaAZ86336member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in AZ, CA, IA, NV, NY
ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
LRMTJay V. Jackson
Send Email
Las VegasNV89134member photo
List of Classes Web site: Teaches classes in NM, NV, UT
PToni DafeldeckerClaytonNC27520Send Email
Teaches classes in NC, NJ, NV. Member since 4/9/2013
PJoyce McCluskeyLake Havasu CityAZ86403Send Email
Teaches classes in AZ, CA, NV. Member since 12/30/2011
PMicHeal RaganHendersonNV89014Send Email
Teaches classes in NV, AZ. Member since 2/7/2017
PCynthia OchoaHendersonNV89015Send Email
Teaches classes in NV. Member since 8/6/2012
PAnnette SosaPahrumpNV89048Send Email
Teaches classes in NV. Member since 2/7/2017
PYasuko AsamiHendersonNV89052Send Email
Teaches classes in NV. Member since 5/1/2012
PBelinda Fung PengHendersonNV89052Send Email
Teaches classes in NV. Member since 2/1/2017
PScott William ThompsonLas VegasNV89121Send Email
Teaches classes in NV, AZ, CA. Member since 4/21/2015
PJay V JacksonLas VegasNV89134Send Email
Teaches classes in NV, NM, UT. Member since 7/19/2011
PLaurie ColemanLas VegasNV89137Send Email
Teaches classes in NV, OR, UT. Member since 10/23/2013
PBillie SheaRenoNV89506Send Email
Teaches classes in NV. Member since 7/9/2014
PLinda NazemianRenoNV89511Send Email
Teaches classes in NV, IA. Member since 11/20/2012
ABenita BabeckisOro ValleyAZ85704Send Email
Member since 8/15/2016
ARaymond WheelerHendersonNV89002Send Email
Member since 1/6/2015
ATerri HubbardHendersonNV89044Send Email
Member since 7/1/2015
AAnn BordeleauHendersonNV89052Send Email
Member since 11/24/2013
AKalpana (Kay) FinnieHendersonNV89052Send Email
Offers Reiki sessions only. Member since 8/14/2014
ABonnie BarbieriHendersonNV89074Send Email
Member since 2/24/2011
APatricia Naugle - BeyerHendersonNV89074Send Email
Member since 8/4/2016
ARoberta CulpHendersonNV89074Send Email
Member since 9/6/2016
AMargaretha HuntNorth Las VegasNV89081Send Email
Member since 2/8/2016
AJeffrey SparksLas VegasNV89103Send Email
Member since 12/31/2015
AJaime Ivan Montoya Las VegasNV89120Send Email
Member since 5/12/2017
AJulia LopezLas VegasNV89121-1537Send Email
Member since 9/20/2016
AEileen SonsiniLas VegasNV89123Send Email
Member since 3/13/2011
AEren Nalani Martin-BeatLas VegasNV89123Send Email
Member since 4/11/2014
ASonya LachLas VegasNV89128Send Email
Member since 12/9/2013
ALinda HildebrantLas VegasNV89128Send Email
Member since 3/15/2017
AChristine (Tina) LundLas Vegas NV89135Send Email
Member since 8/11/2016
ATrish LeeLas VegasNV89143Send Email
Member since 7/17/2014
AMichelle KelloggLas VegasNV89144Send Email
Member since 1/5/2016
AVanessa JohnsonLas VegasNV89144Send Email
Member since 6/15/2016
ASherri WilliamsLas VegasNV89145Send Email
Member since 1/16/2017
AMichelle TolsonLas VegasNV89145Send Email
Member since 1/25/2017
ADeborah VeachLas VegasNV89146Send Email
Member since 11/2/2011
AJoseph Alexander FerchoLas VegasNV89147Send Email
Member since 8/26/2016
ALance BryantLas VegasNV89178Send Email
Member since 11/22/2016
AKaren FillmoreDaytonNV89403-7735Send Email
Member since 7/20/2015
ANora DornbushUnionvilleNV89418Send Email
Member since 4/8/2014
ABetty FranklinMindenNV89423-8889Send Email
Member since 10/30/2012
AAngelique HommRenoNV89501Send Email
Member since 7/18/2016
AMarie RodriguezRenoNV89502Send Email
Member since 2/20/2017
AKristina Zertuche TollRenoNV89502Send Email
Member since 5/10/2017
APat StoneRenoNV89503Send Email
Member since 4/10/2013
ATeresa AraminiRenoNV89503Send Email
Member since 10/9/2015
ANatalie LemieuxRenoNV89506Send Email
Member since 7/10/2016
ADenise SheehanRenoNV89507Send Email
Member since 8/22/2014
ACecilia VohlRenoNV89509Send Email
Member since 2/9/2014
AStephen VanderverRenoNV89511Send Email
Member since 1/9/2016
AKelley MorrisonRenoNV89511Send Email
Member since 4/18/2016
ALaureen JordanRenoNV89512Send Email
Member since 8/11/2016
AParis AlmondRenoNV89519Send Email
Member since 6/15/2016
ACarol RiegerRenoNV89521Send Email
Member since 11/24/2015
AAnthony Dela CruzRenoNV89521Send Email
Member since 5/18/2017
AMichael HovenicRenoNV89523Send Email
Member since 10/4/2016
ANikolet SheltonTruckeeCA96161Send Email
Member since 1/14/2014
AKatherine WilkinsonPortlandOR97213-1830Send Email
Member since 2/17/2014

Member Qualifications

LRMT – Licensed Reiki Master Teacher: Has completed the 3 year ICRT training program. Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Provides special ICRT student certificates. A list of LRMTs and their classes.

P – Professional Member: Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Has taken Reiki I&II and ART/Master training from one of our Professional Licensed Teachers (LRMTs). Provides student certificates issued by the ICRT Reiki Member Association.

A – Affiliate Member: Provides ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.