Reiki Practitioners and Teachers List

This page gives access to the contact information and qualifications for all our ICRT Reiki Membership Association practitioners/teachers. All are Reiki masters and have agreed to abide by our code of ethics and standards of practice. In addition, each level of membership requires additional qualifications which are indicated by the letters A, P, and LRMT displayed in each member listing and described in the right sidebar. Please contact them for Reiki sessions and classes.

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Type Name City State Zip
PMarie-Ange PrevostLoretteMBR0A 0Y0Send Email
Teaches classes in MB. Member since 11/29/2012
PLynn PearenBoissevainMBR0K 0E0Send Email
Teaches classes in MB, AZ. Member since 2/18/2013
PBernadette KoroscilSelkirkMBR1A 0X2Send Email
Teaches classes in MB. Member since 1/31/2018
AAudrey FarrarLoretteMBR0A 0Y0Send Email
Member since 8/22/2016
ACharlene DziedzicTeulonMBR0C 3B0Send Email
Member since 1/2/2018
ACarol RobinsonGarsonMBR0E 0R0Send Email
Member since 7/1/2014
ATracey Winthrop-MeyersArdenMBR0J 0B0Send Email
Member since 2/6/2014
AWilla KunkelWinnipegMBR2H 1J5Send Email
Member since 1/22/2018
ACorinne JaworenkoWinnipegMBR2K 1X6Send Email
Member since 2/19/2018
AHeather KolisnykWinnipegMBR2M 4R7Send Email
Member since 9/27/2016
AKerissa CymbalukWinnipegMBR2Y 1L2Send Email
Member since 6/2/2014
ABowen SmythWinnipegMBR3G 0Y5Send Email
Member since 8/27/2014
AShelley MotaWinnipegMBR3G2M7Send Email
Member since 2/19/2018
AShona DavidsonWinnipegMBR3K 0B9Send Email
Member since 7/18/2011
A Catherine EbyWinnipegMBR3L1L8Send Email
Member since 2/6/2011
ADebbie JohnsonWinnipegMBR3M 1V6Send Email
Member since 8/4/2016
ALeah SchroederWinnipegMBR3N 0Y7Send Email
Member since 3/11/2016
AAnne L TaylorWinnipegMBR3P 2H6Send Email
Member since 12/1/2016
AKristel KernaghanWinnipegMBR3R 1G4Send Email
Member since 2/22/2011
ADavid BrantonWinnipegMBR3V 1V6Send Email
Member since 1/17/2018
AKelly HurleySt. Francois XavierMBR4L 1B6Send Email
Member since 1/12/2018
AKaren WowkMordenMBR6M1V4Send Email
Member since 9/12/2017
ATeresa BassettDauphinMBR7N 2R7Send Email
Member since 8/3/2015
ACarolyn HalcrowThompsonMBR8N 1H6Send Email
Member since 4/16/2011

Member Qualifications

LRMT – Licensed Reiki Master Teacher: Has completed the 3 year ICRT training program. Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Provides special ICRT student certificates. A list of LRMTs and their classes.

P – Professional Member: Uses ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Has taken Reiki I&II and ART/Master training from one of our Professional Licensed Teachers (LRMTs). Provides student certificates issued by the ICRT Reiki Member Association.

A – Affiliate Member: Provides ICRT manuals in their classes. Has agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.